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Bats on the East Tower

Criei este blog com posts com um tema em comum: estilo alternativo. Se tiverem alguma sugestão/pedido, não hesitem em deixar um comentário. Blog escrito no antigo acordo.

Bats on the East Tower

Criei este blog com posts com um tema em comum: estilo alternativo. Se tiverem alguma sugestão/pedido, não hesitem em deixar um comentário. Blog escrito no antigo acordo.

A Morcega dá dicas de bandas XP

Oi ^^

Ori is back XDDDD

Hoje vou dar algumas dicas de bandas XP

Bem sei que já tinha feito um post sobre bandas mas descobri mais algumas bandas/músicas (sou pior que sei lá o quê XDDDD), então resolvi fazer outro post. Enjoy ^^


PS: As bandas que tiver outras músicas e que já tenham sido faladas no outro post, coloco o nome da banda e os nomes das músicas, as outras coloco apenas o nome da banda.


36 Crazyfists

A Day To Remember-Have Faith In Me/ I’m Made Of Wax Larry, What Are You Made Of/ All I Want/ The Downfall Of Us All (adoro XP)/ You Should Have Killed Me When You’ve Got A Chance/ Mr. Highway ‘s Thinking About The End/Since U Been Gone/You Had Me At Hello/The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle

A Falling Tragedy        

A New Addiction

A Plea For Purgis

A Stactic Lullaby

AFI-Beautiful Thieves


Alesana-A Lunatic’s Lament/ Endings Without Stories/And They Call This Tragedy/Not A Single Word About This/Red And Dying Evening/Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good/Beautiful In Blue/Icarus/Pathetic, Ordinary (muito gira ^^)/Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time/Daggers Speak Louder Than Words/Tilting The Hourglass/This Conversation is Over/The Third Temptation Of Paris/ A Siren’s Soliloquy/Nero’s Decay/Seduction/A Most
Profound Quiet/Better Luck, Next Time, Prince Charming/The Univeted Thirtheenth/Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistake/All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Place

Alexisonfire (pelo que soube acabaram T.T)- 44. Caliber Love Letter/Countparts And Number Them/Adelleda/ A Dagger Through The Heart Of St. Angles/Polaroids Of Polar Bears/Waterwings (And Other Pool Side Fashion Faux Pas)/Where No One Knows/The Kennedy Curse/Jubella/Little Girls Pointing And Laughing/ Accidents/It Was Fear Of Myself That Made Me Odd/Side Walk When She Walks/Hey, It’s Your Funeral Mama/Sharks Are Danger (ou é “Are” ou “And”, não tenho a certeza)/That Girl Possessed/White Devil/Get Fighted/Happiness By The Kilowatt/Drunks, Lovers, Sinners And Saints/Mailbox Arson/Boiled Frogs/We Are The Sound/You Burn First/We Are The End/Crisis/Keep It On Wax/To A Friend/Rough Hands/The Philosophical Significance Of Shooting My Sister In Face

Especial: Alexisonfire VS

Monnen-Passing Out In America/Accidents Are On Purpose/Tonight I Am Going To Wash The Hippy/Bleed And Blister/Charlie Sheen VS Henry Rollins

Alkaline Trio-Blue Carolina

All That Remains

Amanda Woodward (é francesa)


Antagonist AD


As I Lay Dying

As We Fight

Apocalyptica-Quutamo/Life Burns!/Bittersweet/Fade To Black/One/Betrayal Forgiveness/Deathzone/Distraction/Farewell/Fisheye/Misconstruction/Fatal Error/ Ruska

Atreyu-Living Each Day Like You’re Already Dead/Tulips Are Better/A Letter To Someone Like You/Taking Back Every Word That I Said/Someone’s Standing On My Chest/A Song For A Sinner/A Vampire’s Lament/Lip Gloss And Black/Blood Children/Bleeding Mascara/Right Side Of The Bed (boa também ^^)/This Flesh A Tomb/Eclipsed By Me/The Crimson/The Remembrance Ballad/An Interlude/Corseting/Demonology and Heartache/My Sanity on The Funeral Pyre/Nevadas Grace/Five Vicodin Chased With A Shot Of Clarity/Creature/Shamefull/Our Sick Story/The Theft/We Stand Up/Ex’s And Oh’s/Your Private War/My Fork In The Road (Your Knife In My Back)/Untitled Finale/Honor (muito boa também ^^)/Falling Down/Becoming The Bull/Lose It/No One Cares/Can’t Happen Here/Slow Burn/Blow/Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor)/Epic (Faith No More Cover)/The Squeeze/Clean Sheets (Descendents Cover)

Before That Was Rosalyn

Behind Crimson Eyes

Belle Epoque (é francesa)

Beneath The Sky


Black Veil Brides-Perfect Weapon/The Legacy/ Fallen Angels

Bleeding Through

Bless The Fall-There’s a Fine Line Between Love and Hate (ou é “There’s” ou “The”, não tenho a certeza)/Wait For Tomorrow/Pray/Times Like These/Take Me Now/To Hell And Back/A Message To The Unknown/Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad/ Could Tell A Love/Rise Up/With Eyes Wide Shut/His Last Walk

Blink 182-What’s My Age Again

Blood On The Dance Floor-Scream For My Ice Cream/ Sexting/ Inject Me Sweetly (feat Jeffree Star)/Believe/ Bewitched


Breaking Benjamin

Bring Me The Horizon

Bullet For My Valentine

Burn The Priest


Cinema Bizzarre

Darkest Hour

Dashboard Confessional



Drop Dead Gorgeous-Forever Scarlett/Bullets Are Scene/Knife vs Face round 1 e 2/Love is Murder/Well, I Never KnewYou Were So Much Fun/Dressed For Friend Requests/Girl, Are You On Your…(deve ser maior o nome, mas eu não sei o resto, por isso aí fica o que sei)/E.R/Marietta/Are You Happy/Fashion Your Seatbelts/In Vogue/ Daniel, Were’s The Boat,The Show Must Go On/Red Or With Wine/Drawing The Devil/The Pleasure To End All Pleasures/Worse Than A Fairy Tale/It Sounded Like An Accident/45223/It’s Pretty Hard To Beat The King/ Donner Party Of Five/Saylor Lake/Bye Bye Blues (The Whole West Coast Is Ruined)/I Want To Master Life and Death

Escape The Fate-Issues Live/Situations/Lost In Darkness/Prepare Your Weapon/World Around Me


Eyes Set To Kill

Fall Out Boy-What’s This

Fecal Matter

Finntroll (cantam em finlandês)

Flyleaf-All Around Me/ What’s This

Funeral For a Friend-Red Is The New Black/The Art Of American Football/Kiss And Make-Up/ Escape Artists Never Die (muito boa ^^)/The Getaway Plan/Rookie Of The Year/Bend Your Arms To Look Like Wings/Storytelling/Moments Forever Faded/Your Revolution Is a Joke/Waking Up/Novella/All The Rage/Streetcar/Roses For The Dead/Hospitality/Drive/ Monsters/History/Recovery/The End Of Nothing/Alvarez/Sonny/Lazarus (In The Wilderness)/I Am The Arsonist (um bocado XP)/This Letter/The Great Wide Open/The Diary/On A Wire/All The Hands On Deck pt 1 e 2/Out of Reach/One For The Road/The Sweetest Wave/Rules And Games (gusto ^^)/To Die Like Mouchette/Kicking and Screaming/Constant Illuminations/Maybe I Am (também gosto ^^)/You Can’t See The Forest For The Wolves/Building/Beneath The Burning Tree/Someday The Fire/Waterfront Dance Club/Charlie Don’t Surf/Ghosts/ Constant Resurrections

Ghost Brigade-Architec Of The New Beginning/ A Storm Inside/Concealed Revulsions/Lost In a Loop/My Heart Is a Tomb/Secrets Of The Earth

Green Day-Cigarettes and Valentines/Burn Out/Who Wrote Holden Caufield /Geek Stink Breath/When I Come Around/She/Good Riddance


Inked In Blood

I Killed The Prom Queen

Iron Maiden

Jeffree Star-Get Away With Murder/I’m In Love (With a Killer)/Starstruck/Just Dance (feat It Boys)/Cupcakes Taste Like Violence/Size Of Your Boat (feat Muffy)/Prisoner (^^ muito boa)/Kiss It Better (foi criada para uma campanha contra o bulling)

Kamelot-Don’t Cry/Karma


Marilyn Manson-This is Halloween


MSWhite-Sinking Nowhere Over The Wisdom/Young, Brave, Analog

My Chemical Romance-Na Na Na/Sing

Opeth-Harvest/Patterns In The Ivy/Porcelain Heart

Paramore-Crush Crush Faint (vs Linkin Park)

Revenge Of The Living Dead

Rise Against


Saves The Day-Shoulder To The Wheel/Anywhere With You

Silverstein-The Ides Of March/Fist Wrapped in Blood/Discovered The Waterfront/Three Hours Back/Call It Karma/Rodeo Clown/Sound Of The Sun/Bodies And Words/If You Could See Into My Soul/Worlds Apart/My Disaster/The San Will Turn To Glass/Here Today, Gone Tomorrow/Vanity And Greed/Love With Caution/Rain Will Fall/Falling Down/Smashed Into Pieces/Last Days Of Summer/Hear Me Out/The Weak And The Wounded/Wish I Could Forget You/When Broken Is Easily Fixed/Friends In Fallriver/Forever And A Day/Wait Four Years/Summer’s Stellar Gaze/My Consolation/Dawn Of The Fall

The Millionaires

The Rasmus

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus-Pleas And Podcasts

Twitch The Ripper



Within Temptation-Memories




Ufa, grande lista XP

Bye ^^


I support!

Halloween Countdown

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